The BitClout Podcast

In Retrospect...

it was inevitable.

So I did it. I heard about BitClout while listening in on a Clubhouse tech room. In fact, I dismissed it twice before something I heard piqued my curiosity. Within 24 hours I went from being a skeptic to having launched the first podcast devoted to BitClout. Now that I’ve released over 20 episodes, I thought it time I put some more effort into to this site. I’ve enjoyed the energy, passion, creativity, and even the drama surrounding this still young community. I’ve loved speaking to creators, leaders, developers, and new users of this social media experiment. 

Podcasts Episodes:

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The BitClout Podcast is hosted by @BitCloutBilly.  Listen often and share with your friends. Please subscribe on whichever platform you listen to podcasts.


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What is BitClout?

Bitclout is an open-source cryptocurrency project and social media platform where users can buy and sell “creator coins’ ‘ based on people’s reputations. I kind

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BitClout is intended to allow individuals to wager on the fame of well known individuals by purchasing tokens related with individuals’ profiles. Clients can utilize BitClout coins to purchase a Creator’s Coin and watch its worth change dependent on the designer’s prominence on the site. The site began with 15,000 designer accounts preloaded from the most mainstream Twitter profiles.

Right now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has the most costly Creator Coin, coming in at almost $70,000. The Creator Coins acquire or lose esteem contingent upon the number of individuals purchase coins related with the profile, as there are between 100 to 1,500 coins in presence for each profile.